Hailing from South Korea, Akdong is a brother and sister musical duo who were pushed into the spotlight after winning the K-Pop Star 2 series in 2013. For their second title track Melted, I worked with Cassandra Surina in producing the set design for this narrative music video. The story is about how a free spirited young man goes through difficulties which involve a number of unsympathetic "icy cold" adults. The video hints at how these difficulties eventually turn the kid into an icy cold man himself, but ends with a hopeful twist. 

Red sun washes its face turning the water black,
White sky is turned grey with the clouds and the storm,
the dark crawls into your heart and you let it stay,
and stand there like the cold shadow of the night.
If they would just melt, we would be able to come up with a brighter song.
Why do they have to be so cold?
Why are they so cold? Why are they so cold?

Directed by Dee Shin
Produced by Jacqueline Nguyen
Cinematography by Peter Hadfield